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Welcome to -Unbecoming with Karen - Life Coaching Program!

I have made it my life’s mission to study healing, personal growth and self-improvement and get down to the reasons why people struggle. I believe that everyone can find joy and peace in any situation but it doesn't always feel like it. Sometimes we take hard hits in life that cause us to shrink back from risks, or lash out in ways that stifle our relationships and peace of mind. Not many people are aware just how much their minds affect their level of life satisfaction. It’s never too late to learn your patterns of thought, stories you've created in your mind about your life and detach yourself from such deeply held beliefs. With my coaching, you'll discover the power of now and gain the ability to shed image, labels, false beliefs and judgments that bring you anguish, anger, insecurity, and stress. Together we will cultivate a life full of pleasure, happiness and ease. 

Various life challenges/transitions I can coach you through include but are not limited to:

Anger/stress management


Midlife crises

Fitness/weight loss

Relationships of all kinds (marriage, friendship, sibling, God)

Parenting at all stages

Growing in your faith

Healing from an affair/divorce/breakup

Overcoming anxiety


During our time together, I will work to get to know who you are, who you were and who you were meant to be in order that I can create a custom-made plan for your personal evolution in this life.  It will depend on you taking risks with me by letting me in on your innermost thoughts and struggles and experiences so that I can begin to offer the healing advice and guidance that will help you begin moving forward as soon as possible. You will graduate from my program with direction, resolutions, wisdom and confidence that will carry you through the rest of your life.

I’m looking forward to getting to know you, and all your life’s experiences. I look forward to honing my artist abilities to help you create a life of meaning and beauty. Your loved ones will notice a more attentive, less reactive demeanor. You will enjoy a greater sense of calm, focus and confidence. Heroes are those who heal and then show others how to do it. You will heal and become a lighthouse for others who are lost. I believe in the resiliency, and hope for a better life that started you on this journey to begin with.

Let’s get you in (or back in) the game! The world is missing out on you!